4D Construction Surveying

Visiting construction sites on weekly basis may be complicated when you are in charge of several projects in diferent locations. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a time machine in order to view and measure the progress of your projects from anywhere?

CartoData has developed three 4D construction surveying services to empower your decisions:

What’s different about our offer?

Construction Surveying

High Precision

Detailed millimetric, oblique and hd video photogrammetry.
 Construction Surveying

Updated information

Data can be viewed on-line a few hours after the flight.
 Construction Surveying


You can access information anywhere from your computer or mobile device.

Construction site progress onvideo

Week after week we execute an identical flight plan in a precise and identical manner paying attetion to predefined points of interest. Our construction surveying videos are recorded on 4k and we have designed a viewing platform we can see side by side two different dates, and later we can produce aerial timelapses over the span of the construction project.

4D photogrammetric construction surveying

Powered by eCarto, project’s blueprints are overlayed over a weekly updated 3cm/px orhtophoto of the construction site.  This will allow you, as a constructor, to socialize the progress of your project while using the same information to take decisions on the go.

3D modeling & bim

Before you start, we can build a 3D model of the current surroundings of your construction sites which will allow architects to understand shadows, views and vegetation that may enhance your project.

Once the project is completed, we can also generate an as built model documenting the state of the construction.