What is Hermes?

Is a mobile and web based registry, approval and compliance platform for UAV commercial use.

What can you do with Hermes ?


  • Drone and pilot registration.
  • Flight plans.
  • Identify restricted areas and fly zones.
  • Unique sideview of risk assessment.
  • Semiautomatic authorization.
  • Compliance report after flight.
  • Can be integrated to government information systems.
  • Web and mobile app.

Analyze your route and approve your flight plan in your home!

Pilot and

drone registration

Register your Pilots and Drones.
Manage profiles in an easy and fast way.

Risk assessment and

flight plan

Step-by-step approach to  identify and mitigate risks. Learn to Think like a Pilot! Helping you to fly safe.

Approval and


As soon as you get your  approval, create and save site assessment reports to meet compliance requirements.

Semiautomatic authorization, fast and easy according to your actual legal regulations.


Fly with HERMES!